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My name is Maciek Hacaga. I am a researcher interested in the energy-economics-security nexus with a rich digital skill set that compliments this work.
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Core interest

My core interest lies at the intersection of two kinds of “power” - energy and security issues. The link between these topics that I focus on is economics. I am interested in each of these topics individually, and in the ways they are intertwined. I investigate these topics and their relationship on global, European and national scales. At the national level I work mostly in relation to my home country of Poland.

I have worked for foreign policy think tank, environmental non-governmental organization and completed contract-based internship with the Polish Diplomatic Service abroad. I conducted research on energy & climate issues and digital economy policy in the EU within these roles. I have also written for a number of magazines, and am actively involved with young Polish researchers group by the Polish Academy of Sciences, concerned with global issues. My fields of interest and past research include: energy & economic security, geopolitics, economic history, history of energy industries, technological development (with focus on military and transportation).

Below you will find examples of my work on these topics. I am also active on Twitter @MHacaga, where you can follow my thoughts in real time.


I aim to use historical background together with current issues to contextualise and build comprehensive narratives on the role energy has played in variety of human activities. How has energy use evolved in the last two centuries? How does this relate to the competition between great powers? These questions are a few of those I’ve looked at during and after my Master’s thesis, looking at the role of coal in British domination between 1763 and 1914.

To give you a bit more of a sense of what I am interested in writing about, here are some of my recent topics of focus:


My educational background is in global history and international relations. I received academic degrees from the London School of Economics, the University of Vienna, and the University of Warsaw. I took courses in long-term economic development, international relations theory, economic & political international relations and history of international relations & empires. I have also completed external courses on energy security, defence policies in the EU, nuclear security and sustainable development. References on my LinkedIn will support the rigour and depth of thought I approach all of my work with.

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Digital skills

Supplementary to my academic work, I have 15 years of experience in the internet industry. A digital native and professional, I have an intuitive sense of the greater digital world. I have worked as designer (portfolio available on demand) and project manager/publisher at an online magazine that is focused on digital economy. This experience allowed me to not only gain knowledge on the topic itself but also wide range of practical digital publication skills.

I am fluent with searching the internet for specific information and well-versed with bibliographical data management software (see my Mendeley profile). I am proficient in Adobe graphic design software and have basic skills in html, CSS, and video & sound editing. Managing an online magazine I have gained content acquisition/creation skills and social media management skills. While it might be a slightly outdated skill nowadays I can still assemble and disassemble a PC to boot.

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